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Did you know I'm a Sarah Coventry and Emmons fanatic?  My extensive collection is featured throughout the book Identifying Sarah Coventry Jewelry: 1949-2009, by Sandra Sturdivant and Shirley Crabtree.  The book was published in 2012 by Schiffer Publishing and is an outstanding source for identifying Sarah Coventry jewelry.  It's also the first collectors' book to contain designs from the very first years of Sarah Coventry beginning in 1949 - thanks to a collection, including documentation, I was blessed enough to acquire! 

If you have a Sarah Coventry or Emmons design in mind and can't find it here, please e-mail me at joyfulvintagejewelry@yahoo.com and describe what you're looking for. 

Don't forget about our discussion group for vintage Sarah Coventry and Emmons jewelry enthusiasts on Facebook.  Please check it out, become a fan, and start sharing with other passionate collectors today!  While you do have to sign up for Facebook to join the group, you do not have to make any personal information public.

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About Joyful Vintage Jewelry:  My fascination with vintage jewelry began in 2002 with a search for a gorgeous brooch my mom had when I was a child. Of course, the first time I was allowed to wear it, I lost it. Thirty years later, with the help of the Internet, I found it: Sarah Coventry's Dazzling Aurora!

Placing my hobby of collecting beautiful and fun vintage jewelry online as Joyful Vintage Jewelry is my way of keeping the hobby alive.  With two huge 8-drawer dental cabinets and countless cartons full of vintage jewelry - most of it Sarah Coventry - there's no more room in the house to expand my collection!  I've also hit the limit of what I can spend on jewelry (actually, I hit it long ago!).  I'm sure my fellow vintage jewelry addicts understand that.  So, I'm letting go of some of my collection, so that I can keep enjoying the hunt and acquiring more!

Vintage Jewelry . . . It truly is Joyful!

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Information You Need to Know

Artisan Jewelry:  Jewelry designed and made by me.  Every piece is unique.

Vintage Jewelry:  Unless otherwise noted in an item's description, it is vintage and pre-owned.  That means that practically all the jewelry you see here is at least 20 years old.

Condition:  Anything that is 20 to 80 years old is not "mint" or "perfect."  Even brand new jewelry is not perfect!  So, those terms won't be used to describe the vintage jewelry offered here.  However, the vast majority of the jewelry is in very good to excellent condition.  If an item has an issue (for example, a chipped stone, finish loss or plate loss), it will be noted in the item description.

Cleaning and Polishing:  Vintage jewelry offered will generally not require cleaning; if it does, it will be mentioned in the item's description.  As many folks who enjoy vintage jewelry prefer the patina of age, I do not polish Sterling Silver jewelry.

US Funds and PayPal:  All payments must be made in US funds and only through PayPal.

Shipping:  All jewelry is carefully packaged in a box and shipped through the United States Postal Service using Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation and Priority Mail International service.  Please note that Delivery Confirmation is not available for destinations outside the United States.  The minimum price for shipping within the United States is $6.60, and four jewelry items will ship for that amount.  The store package will add about 50 cents for each additional item ordered.  When heavier items (such as books and bookends) and oversized items (such as banners) are ordered, an additional charge might be necessary for shipping.

Privacy: Joyful Vintage Jewelry is committed to protecting your privacy and will not provide information about you to anyone else.

Contact: Please feel free to drop me a line at joyfulvintagejewelry@yahoo.com to share your thoughts about this website and the jewelry offered.

Satisfaction: If you feel that an item you receive is not as it was described in the catalog, please e-mail me and explain the issue.  Remember this is my hobby, a hobby I love, so I will be glad to work with you to ensure that you enjoy collecting and wearing vintage jewelry as much as I do!

Copyright: I devote countless hours and dollars to researching vintage jewelry so that I can write meaningful descriptions and share information with you.  Photographing the pieces offered is also quite time-consuming.  So, I have decided to exercise my copyright rights in all photographs, text, and unique information on this site.  If you would like to use something from the site, simply ask me first, wait to hear from me, and then provide a citation giving proper credit.   Thank you.  Karen Walck Haley


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